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Simply put — I'm really into love stories.

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professional 3rd wheel

I am a local and destination photographer based in OK. I started shooting weddings in 2014!

I have quite the experience and valuable knowledge under my belt.

I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a degree in Photographic Arts, and a minor in Marketing. Not so common to find a photographer with a formal degree in my field. I was, and still am, very passionate about this career field and the education (and continued education) that comes with it.

I have been photographing things in some way my whole life. I can remember as far back elementary school. I had my own little polaroid that I was obsessed with. I’ve always been in love with photography, but not the camera, the image itself. That memory frozen in time.

I have been married to my husband for 9 years now. We got married at the place we met! A small little white venue on a small chunk of land. We have two crazy little kids. Both with wild hair and large personalities and the spitting image of their dad.

I was born in California but raised in a small town in Oklahoma. Though my soul feels as if I was raised in CA my whole life. If i’m not at the beach currently, you can find me planning my next trip there.

When I'm not behind the camera, you can find me in my garage gym doing gymrat things, or at my kids ballgames.

Likes | Ice Cream. Summer. Traveling. Natural Lighting. Wildly In Love Couples. Popcorn. Concerts. Diet Coke. Quality Time. The Beach. Sunsets. Fitness. Margaritas. Love Stories. Holidays. Ice Cream x2.

Dislikes | Bugs. Scary Movies. Bad Lighting. Running Into People When You Look Like Crap. Sea Food.


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